Research Experience

(PROIMI) is devoted to research and the development of biotechnology related processes, mainly in the fermentation area and the use of microorganisms of industrial interest.

Microorganisms are employed in several processes, such asthe production of alcohol, organic acids, solvents, aminoacids, vitamins, hormones, cheese, acid milk, ensilage, biogas and compost, secondary oil recovery, nitrogen fixation, waste treatment, etc.

In most cases, the success of the biotechnology process depends on the knowledge and the control of the physiological characteristics of the microorganism responsible for the process.

El PROIMI has been involved in successful R&D projects, highlighting the following ones:

  • The agreement celebrated between the Italian Company AGRIMONT (MONTEDISON GROUP) and CONICET (with PROIMI as executive unit) for the scaling up of alcoholic fermentation process with floculant Zymomonas mobilis isolated from Tucuman.
  • The agreement celebrated between BIOSIDUS Company, CERELA and PROIMI for the obtention of the probiotic BIOFLORA, as an example of technology transfer from the scientific area to the industrial area.