PROIMI has several visitors programs and you can see the list below:

Institution and CoungryVisitors (exchange)
Universidad Nacional de TucumánProfessors, Bachelors Science, undergratuate students
Complutense University of Madrid Four professor visits and two bachelors assistance
SAREC (Sweedish Agency for the Develompment)Two professor visits, one bachelor Research Assistant of assistance, one professional visit to Countries
J. Misael Saracho National University, Tarija, BoliviaTwo professor and one fellow assistance to the University and reception of one undergraduate student.
Pontifical Xaverian Universiti, ColombiaReception of one student of fourth level.
University of Oviedo, SpainAssistance of one professor, one professional visit and reception of one undergraduate student.
La República University, UruguayDirection of two PhD. Thesis and two MSc. Thesis in the Engineering Unit.