What is PROIMI?

PROIMI is located in San Miguel de Tucumán city , in the province of Tucumán, Argentina. PROIMI was created on December 3rd, 1976 by the National Scientific and Technical Research Council in Argentina (CONICET). Then, the research studies began in July 8th, 1978.

PROIMI motto: “Successful scientific results are transformed into biotechnological developments”.






PROIMI is devoted to academic, scientific and technological excellence. The institute is based on ideas alues, and actions, which are placed above either formal or routine duty and is focused on obtaining high-added value products.


PROIMI: Our goals

Our mission:

  • To produce and apply scientific knowledge within the area of biotechnology with the objective of maintaining, managing and improving biological resources of national interest as well as their applications of industrial interest.
  • To offer human resources formation and postgraduate studies, generating high-quality PhD and specialists in science, able to use the scientific knowledge to improve and transfer technologies which contribute to the social and economic growth of our country.
  • To develop research and offer biotechnology solutions through a multidisciplinary team compromised with the society, in a reliable and opportune manner.

Our vision:

  • We aspire to be a research institute who uses biotechnology to improve life quality.
  • To integrate, coordinate and facilitate the generation and transfer of biotechnology in order to transform scientific results into productive applications.
  • To become an academic institution, where scientific and technological research is developed for contributing to the progress of the country.


  • To be a pioneer research institute and reference center in the fermentation and scale-up area of biotechnology process to a Pilot Plant scale.
  • To compete at international level as an institution with high scientific and technological capacity.
  • To make scientific research of significant impact associated with a permanent knowledge generation.
  • To actively participate in the development of products and processes of microbial origin.
  • To achieve a positive impact on health, industry, and the environmental.
  • To collaborate with national universities, especially with the National University of Tucumán (UNT) and other strategic partners.


Currently, PROIMI is an institute of CONICET, which belongs to CCT-CONICET-TUCUMÁN.

Research and developments are focused on several areas related to microbial biotechnology.

Biotechnology has a multidisciplinary focus, several disciplines and sciences are involved. PROIMI has a highly diverse group of researchers, which is of major importance for obtaining the objectives for this unit.

PROIMI has distinctive and unique abilities, among which the most important one is the availability of a state-of-the-art pilot plant to carry out small, medium and large-scale biotechnology developments .

An integrated system of research and production is available and because of this dynamic development, PROIMI is able to answer the everyday requirements of the community and the environment.

PROIMI is focused on both basic and applied research and development projects. National and foreign research centers are part of a list of strategic partners and collaborators.

It also offers consulting services for industries, companies and other institutions.

Because of the availability of equipment and highly-qualified personnel, PROIMI can offer special analysis services, consulting, biotechnology process development, and research contracts.